by Scumguts

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Recorded and mixed by Mark Perry at The Shed, Windsor.
Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering, Santa Cruz.
Additional vocals on 'Awakened' by Joshua Robinson from Dungeons of Blood.
Additional Vocals on 'Sixty Trillion Tonnes of Shit by Luke Osbourne and Chris Freeman from SMHG.


released January 16, 2015



all rights reserved


Scumguts Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Awakened
Fuck all the virgins and slaughter the pastors
Awakened I am to the name of my master
Bathed in their blood I run wild causing torment
Awaiting my time to go home and seek solace
...And my mind is always open to everything around me
Soaking in all of my surroundings
Track Name: Drained
Drained, used, fake
Just like everybody wanted
Suck a dick you prissy fuck
Attention seeking dried up piece of shit
Track Name: Girl Fight
Standing there half in darkness
Buying a whore wrapped in a red dress
She slowly mumbled "You need to be erased"
She pulled out a rusty blade and stuck it into her wrist
...And it seemed as if that wasn't enough so she tilt her head and she slit her throat

She was off her meds and fucking lost it
She couldn't handle what wasn't really there
She forgot what reality was
Because hers consisted of nothing
Track Name: Sons of Northern Queensland
Guided by the morning star
Travelling along a road
Towards flaming lands of old
To a hold encased in stone
Come forth and witness

Blackened Earth which shows the path
Of an army's gallant stride
Acid rain from clouds of ash
Return to these castle walls
...And you'll remember me after I die

Golden rain pours into an acidic abyss
A smokey fortress diminishes consciousness
Track Name: Mist Walker
In a land of mist
Icy fog cold and darkness consume a void where the shore of corpses rest
I feel a figure stalk these roads
An immortal giant slow
Transports me to a place devoid of light and shows me where Hel will roam
A place where no one dies but they're dead inside and they want to end it all

Shadows laid by a rooted tree above the spring from which the rivers weep
A place where the sick and old meet eternal cold and the Malice Striker gnaws
It fucking gnaws

Flesh will rot to mould and without remorse I will gladly await on my own
Deep in the mist and fog stands a blood stained dog as it guards its god
Track Name: Bvrn

Mind erased and body broke
With flesh decayed he'll die alone

Life stolen and crippled by the pages woven

Swollen eyes, segregated
Violent cries, blank face
Lie and wait mutilated to be told your place

Die screaming as skin burns
Melting, gleaming

Broken smile, dead eyes
Sit down and wait to die
The heavenly father's repentance
His body sacrificed

Track Name: Sixty Trillion Tonnes of Shit
Correct the human error
A vessel's exploded abortion
Spin that shit again and again
While jerking off on PCP

Cybernetic personality
Detonate a colossal machine, and send a mushroom cloud into the thermosphere

Sixty trillion tonnes of shit
A demented altered dimension
Sucking everyone's dick
Just to get a bit of attention

Stare into the blazing sun
The universe explodes in your eyes
Burning out both retinas
But you still act like a fucking visionary
But you're not
Track Name: Blind
Sicker than fucking sick
Shooting up and losing it
Back alley abuse
Beat on and used again
Think you've got it together
But you can't handle shit
Always running your mouth, but never have shit to say
It's always the same
Fuck you
There's no excuse for you
Poisoned and blind in the end it will fuck us all
We can't get out
Track Name: Rot
We will all fucking rot

Stand in line and sing in time with their god ridden anthems
I feel stuck in this place and now I just can't fucking stand it
I'm sick and tired of their bullshit speech
I'll run away and I'm taking you with me
Or we can rot and waste in this god damn place just like everything else
I've tried and tried but now I'm tired
You are all wretched cunts
Sit back and know that we will all fucking rot
Track Name: Vvinter
Fragile mind
Swarm the hive
None can be left alive

A sky sundered in eternal dark
A blackened realm is torn apart

The body of the world was once reduced to ash
Tells a tale of when the wind blew strong and the fire was bright
Then it died